Off The Grid

When it comes to independent living, self-reliance, minimizing your carbon footprint and saving money, nothing comes close to living off the grid.

The Sweet Life of Bees

It's a mild winter day, and I'm standing in an apiary in Alachua, Florida, wearing the traditional beekeeper's suit and hood. Thousands of honeybees are humming around me as they go about their business in a dozen or so hives.

A Little Bit Country

Ideas, inspiration and serious shopping opportunities highlight a weekend to remember.

Nothing But Blue Skies

For anyone living under a rock for the past decade, the real estate market took a decided downturn in 2008.

Motherhood in 2016 is all about connecting, community and a common understanding between mamas: We're all in this together. Nowhere is this more apparent than parenting blogs, full of advice on every topic imaginable and frustrated posts about feeding picky toddlers and the feeling of being pulled in eight different directions at any given moment.

Silver Springs International Film Festival 2016

Silver Springs International Film Festival 2016: Bigger and Better Than Ever

Making a Smooth Getaway

Is the weekend coming up and you have absolutely nothing to do?

Investing in New Nurses

Nurses are critical contributors to getting patients healthy, the glue that binds each department together to treat someone in need. So what would it be like, as a newly graduated RN, to start your first day of work?

All Aboard!

Automobiles and planes may now be our main modes of transportation, but the fascination with trains persists.

7 [P]interesting How-To's For Crafters

Do-it-yourself crafting can be a stress-reliever, money-saver or just something fun to do. With Pinterest, Etsy and lots of DIY blogs out there, there's no shortage of project ideas.

Ag Achievements

What began as a simple steer show in 1941 has become one of the largest annual events in Marion County.

A Berry-Good Time

The third annual Habitat Strawberry Family Festival promises to be bigger and better than ever.

Wanna Go Clubbin'?

Today's students have the choice of some very extraordinary extracurricular activities.

2016 Education, School & Day Care Guide

Whether it's day care and preschool or high school and college, choosing the right educational path for your children is a common anxiety among most parents.

The Master's Touch

Every golfer dreams of walking down the holly-lined 18th fairway at Augusta National with a one stroke lead... then calmly sinking a 10-footer for par to win the coveted green jacket at the Masters

Young At Art

Art is the expression of the soul... and when is the soul more pure and the imagination more alive than in the heart of a child?

Hero Jobs

The good guys don't always wear capes or white hats. In fact, most of the time, they don't.

Game On

Last year's inaugural Coates Golf Championship, held at the magnificent Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club, marked the first time in 10 years that the Ladies Professional Golf Association teed off its season in Florida

How About A Day Trip?

Winter break is here again, and it's time to seek out some entertainment for the kids that doesn't include an iPhone or video game.

Lifestyle Solutions MedSpa: Create A New You

"We've assembled a highly certified and credentialed staff to perform these procedures. Those are the reasons we have such an incredible success rate in everything we do here."

Come As You Are

Cuvee Wine and Bistro offers a friendly, welcoming atmosphere

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