Autumn Amusements

Fall is in the air, and it?s finally time to decorate and get lost in corn mazes and attend festivals and fairs.

Saddle Up!

Tanque Verde Guest Ranch in Tucson, Arizona, is a horse-lover?s dream vacation.

A Drive Down Memory Lane

Passion and nostalgia combine as the driving force behind an ever-growing car-collecting craze.

Meandering Your Way Through Medicare

Open Enrollment: a time to make important changes that can affect not only your health care coverage but your pocketbook.

Boots, Barns & Burlap

Southern Matrimony Done Right

Come to the 2015 Ocala Style Bridal Showcase!

Buy tickets here, check out our ultimate wedding giveaway, and preview our vendors.

Taste the World

Indulge in an exquisite assortment of culinary creations from around the world without having to step foot outside the state of Florida at Epcot's International Food & Wine Festival.

State Of The Art(s)

As the arts season takes center stage, gain access to previews, behind-the-scenes details and exclusive interviews for the best of this season's local art scene.

Perfect Your Pics

With DSLR cameras readily available and becoming more affordable, now's the time to make the switch from auto to manual mode. You can do it!

We’ve got spirit, yes we do!

It takes a special person to get a crowd of hundreds, sometimes more, pumped up and excited. But that?s exactly what our local high school mascots (and the students behind their masks) do at every game. Rich with history and nostalgia, these mascots wear their school?s colors with pride. We took some time to track down the who?s who of Marion County?s mascots and are happy to introduce them to you here.

Back to School

When school bells ring this month to start schools, students and parents should be aware of several changes on many campuses. These typically include new principals, new teachers, new carline routes and similar alterations.

Is There Common Ground On Common Core?

Common Core + Florida Schools = Controversy

Swamp Salvage

Jim McElwain embarks on the tall task of bringing Florida football back to national prominence.

A Slice of Summertime Life

It?s the middle of summer,
and it?s hot. Whether you want to cave dive or cool off poolside with your family, don?t let the 
Florida heat get the best of you. Take advantage of these local watering holes, weekend getaways, diving spots and water parks 
to keep you cool this summer!

Rock On!

Downtown Summer Jams is a summer staple in Ocala? and this summer is no different.

Take a Ride on the Wild Side

What is it about summer that makes us want to get scared senseless? Theme parks have taken this 
to heart, spending millions to create ever-more-
amazing roller coasters and rides guaranteed to push you way past your comfort zone while making your stomach drop and your heart pound.

Inventing A New Generation

The next time you feel inclined to tell your child to quit daydreaming and get to work,you might want to think twice. Those fanciful flights of imagination may be leading him or her to a successful career? and a nice home on easy street.

Dads in the Kitchen

If your image of the ideal home cook is a woman in an apron, think again. In many households, it's just as likely to be Dad whipping up dinner as Mom.

All Sewn Up

In the midst of our technology-driven modern lives, Johnny Johnston, aka The Old Sewing Machine Man, has found a surprising and unique niche, no computers involved.

Servin' the Streets

From the Oscar Mayer wiener mobile to the youthful days of ice cream trucks, traveling food and street vendors are an American staple.

Soak Up The Sun

Summer is almost here, and sunshine, cool water and outdoor activities are all around. For kids, this means summer camp-so get up and see what's out there!

You... Looking Younger!

Age is only a number, but most of us still want to appear younger than we actually are. Check out the best tips on how to look younger and feel better, whatever your age.

Women of Style 2015

The following women are the definition of style. Talented, multitasking and thriving in the workplace, they are women you see every day juggling jobs that take diligence, dexterity and business acumen.

The Outdoors Connection

Forget the virtual world of high-speed Internet and Wi-Fi, the Becoming an Outdoors-Woman program connects women to the real world of the outdoors, offering an opportunity to learn myriad skills in a natural setting.

One Writer's Story

Frank Stanfield, a 30-year newspaper veteran, has had to cover a variety of stories in his career. For Stanfield, the ones that bother him the most involve children and animals.

What A Guy

Renowned artist, marine biologist and conservationist Guy Harvey enjoys strong ties to the Ocala area.

A Taste of Hollywood

Do you love the excitement of the red carpet and the pure energy of a Hollywood premier?If so, then get in line and grab your tickets to the second annual Silver Springs International Film Festival (SSIFF'15).

Life After High School

One second you're learning the ropes of high school-where to sit, where not to sit and the fastest route from the parking lot to your first class. Now, you're suddenly staring at the real world in all its glory.

Giving to Golf

No major golf tournament could function smoothly without the efforts of a large number of volunteers. We're talking hundreds of volunteers.

Tee Up, Ocala

On January 26 through 31, the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) will come to Ocala for its season opening tournament, the Coates Golf Championship, presented by R+L Carriers, held at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club.

Swinging into the Future

Florida's beautiful weather and amazing courses attract an array of junior golfers who enjoy the game... perhaps dreaming of a future in the PGA or LPGA.

Teeing Off for Charity

When the LPGA Coates Golf Championship, presented by R+L Carriers, rolls into Ocala this month, several charities with local connections will be on the receiving end.

Golden Favorites

The Coates Golf Championship, presented by R+L Carriers, will host some fo the best women golfers in the world. Here are some the players who could be teeing off at Golden Ocala later this month.

Kick Start with Art

Attention theater, art and music lovers! In honor of the new year, we've uncovered new events and venues just for you.

A Supper Soiree

Top Chef winner Nicholas Elmi pulls out all the stops for one memorable evening in Horse Country.

4th Annual Great Toy Giveaway

From dolls and games to scooters and bikes, this year's Great Toy Giveaway, sponsored by Jenkins Auto Group, is filled with the season's hottest toys.

Turn On, Tune In, Have Fun!

With its near-picture-perfect weather, Marion County is an ideal place for plane, train, car and boat hobbyists to get out and get R/Cing any time of year.

Food, Festivals And Football

October at the Tilted Kilt

Ocala Production Company Does Its Thang

The story of The DYT Show was birthed from a burning desire to connect two worlds:

Preventative Measures

You have breast cancer. Those four words can change a person?s life in the blink of an eye.

Medicare Health Center: Your One-Stop to Better Health

Dr. Devaiah Pagidipati has created the perfect one-stop health care center for the Ocala community.


Lifestyle Solutions MedSpa
Introduces Coolsculpting to Ocala.

What Does The Future Of Health Care Look Like?

Trinity Healthcare Medical Center is leading Ocala into the future of medicine using education, prevention and empowerment.

Men Of Style 2015

The men on these pages are the epitome of style. Successful, dedicated and determined, they are men you see every day juggling careers that take diligence, skill and a certain business acumen.

Health Pros Who Know 2015

When we wanted to get some important questions answered- from chiropractic care to skin care- who better to ask than the pros who know.

Home Pros 2015

In honor of building, remodeling, renovating and decorating your home, we bring to you our fourth annual Home Pros Who Know feature.

Lifestyle Solutions MedSpa

Lifestyle Solutions Medspa, in addition to their proven weight loss programs, can help you get the results you want using one innovative, non-invasive procedure: Coolsculpting.

Chef Dean Grill Joins The Crazy Cucumber Team

Crazy Cucumber's new location in Market Street at Heath Brook will serve up healthy, fresh, local dishes with a side of creativity.

Training Tomorrow's Beauty Leaders

The Salon Professional Academy provides quality, cutting-edge education to future cosmetology professionals.

Beyond The Backyard

As back-to-back winners of the Prince of Pizza award and taking home the coveted King of the Wing award this year, Brooklyn's Backyard is known for their emphasis on quality food.

Battling Back

In the Fight Against Colon Cancer, Dr. Anand Kesari Battles Back With Fuse

Rolling Greens

Rolling Greens is a quiet, picturesque location with a vibrant and active population.

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